Corona and parcel delivery: everything you need to know at a glance!

corona and package delivery

We have been in the corona crisis for over a year now. It has been a year of closed restaurants, few people on the high streets and a huge increase in online orders. We all hope enormously for easements. However, the numbers continue to rise. So it looks like we are not done with corona for the time being.

Consequently, the combination of corona and package delivery has changed a lot in the past year. And will probably change even more. As a business owner and e-commerce specialist, it is of tremendous importance to be aware of these changes. If you don’t adjust properly, it can lead to big and expensive mistakes.

In this article you will find all the important changes in the field of corona and package delivery. By reading this article, you will be fully informed. This allows you to optimally adaptyour business to the latest changes. We also give you helpful tips. With these tips, you can seize opportunities and profit from the high number of online orders.

The impact of corona on e-commerce

1. Delay of packages

Tough measures have seen a huge growth in online orders. Carriers are making tremendous efforts to increase capacity. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out well. Therefore, it is good to take delay into account.

Over 73% of Dutch people experienced delays last year. And delivering a package takes an average of 2.1 days.

2. More consumers with patience

We recommend notifying your consumers of the delay. This will keep them informed and make them more understanding of the situation. Consumers are now willing to wait an average of over 5 days for their order. So consumers are responding positively!

3. Local web shops are becoming popular

impact corona on ecommerce

Under the motto of support your local entrepreneurs, we are seeing a shift. Before the corona crisis, we saw that over 59% ordered from large international companies. Now during the corona crisis we see that preference shifting slightly. Now 52% still order from international companies.

Consumers increasingly want to choose a local webshop. Because stores have had to close their doors for a long time. So you can use this if you don’t have a webshop yet!

4. Custom pickup points

Due to the closure of stores, many of the pickup points were closed. Now the carriers have been able to change the closure and most pickup points do reopen.

Do take adjusted opening hours into account. And always bring a mouth mask when you need to pick up or ship an order!

5. Uncertainty creates a greater demand for flexibility

The corona crisis is creating enormous uncertainty. That’s why businesses and consumers increasingly want flexibility. In this day and age, flexibility is even more important than low shipping costs.

Shipping costs were a major factor in choosing a particular carrier before the corona crisis. In this situation, however, you see that people value flexibility more.

With flexibility, you can offer different delivery options. Like different locations and also different delivery times.

6. 6. Capacity shortages at carriers

The number of online orders is higher than ever. As a result, many carriers are overloaded. Carriers have already made tremendous efforts to increase capacity. And will continue to do so.

This allows carriers to initiate additional measures at certain times. Such as lowering the maximum number of pickups. Keep this in mind when choosing a carrier.

7. Problems with returns

As a result of the strict measures, your consumer may not be able to deliver his or her return to a post office. For example, they are in mandatory quarantine. So it’s smart to temporarily adjust your return policy.


Corona and parcel delivery: changes at carriers

Corona and package delivery. Unfortunately, that looks a little different now. Above you have already been able to read about the impact of corona on e-commerce.

As a result, carriers have also had to make some adjustments. We want to list the most important changes for you.

1. Changes at PostNL

PostNL just keeps going with processing mail and packages despite corona. Do take into account any delays due to staff shortages, for example. PostNL did take a number of measures:

  • In most countries, the pickup points, remain in service as usual. However, there may be some delays in delivery abroad.
  • To limit contact between delivery driver and customer, parcel delivery drivers currently sign for the receipt of a (registered) shipment.
  • It is currently not possible to deliver to the following countries: Bhutan, Brunei, Cuba, Guyana, Grenada, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Honduras, Laos, Libya, Montserrat, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Saint Lucia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Yemen, South Sudan.

2. Changes at DHL

DHL also continues to deliver packages as usual despite corona. To reduce infections as far as possible, they have also taken a number of measures:

  • As with PostNL, delivery drivers at DHL sign for the receipt of shipments. They do this at a safe distance of 1.5 meters.
  • To properly load the network, regular DHL points currently allow you to only ship 25 shipments per day. This allows them to avoid overloading the system.
  • Parcels that cannot be delivered during the first delivery attempt will be taken immediately to a DHL Service Point. The customer will be informed of this.

3. Changes at DPD

DPD‘s key measures are:

  • No signature is required upon receipt.
  • For a private delivery, there are 3 delivery attempts. If all 3 of these fail the package goes back to the sender.
  • For a business delivery, there will only be 1 delivery attempt. If no one is present at the delivery address at that time, the package will return to sender.

4. Changes at Save Your Package

At Red Je Pakketje, measures have also been taken to provide contactless delivery as much as possible. The measures include:

  • Pick-ups are handled contactlessly whenever possible. The packages are then put out and collected. If this does not work, then 2 meters distance is maintained.
  • No signature is required upon receipt. However, a GPS location is maintained. This will show you the location and time of receipt.
  • Delivery is also made contactless. The package is placed in front of the door and 2 meters distance is maintained.

5. Changes at UPS

UPS measures apply primarily to UPS Access Points. Most UPS Access Points are open as usual. Of course, in countries where there is a stricter lockdown, this may be different. In addition, the following measures apply:

packaging guidelines

  • No signature for receipt.
  • In Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Switzerland, delivery and pickups may be different than usual. This is then due to local lockdown measures. So this can keep changing!
  • In Italy, express deliveries were temporarily suspended on Saturday.

5 tips for handling corona and package delivery well

  1. Collaborate! It’s smart to collaborate with different retailers. This way you can learn from each other in these uncertain times. It also broadens your target audience and together you can generate more orders. For example, collaborate on a joint action.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Everything is uncertain at the moment. If you let your customers know about this, they will be less irritated if something goes wrong. This leaves them with a better customer experience at your company. So be proactive in bringing the customer up to speed.
  3. Be flexible. Don’t commit to anything during these times, but rather be open to other possibilities. For example, you can look at different carriers. This way you can choose what suits you best at that moment.
  4. Be prepared for change. Everything that is true today may be totally changed tomorrow. Be prepared for this so that you can move quickly. And let the changes have the smallest possible impact on your business.
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