Are DHL labels usable with other carriers?

Can you use DHL labels with other postal carriers as well?

If you mainly send your packages with DHL, you probably have DHL labels. Here you print out the order details with a label printer, so DHL knows where to deliver the package.

But is it also possible to use these DHL labels for other carriers? Yes! It is certainly possible to use DHL labels for other mailers and carriers as well. It is especially important that you print labels according to the correct structure. You have several templates for this, which you can use in the label printer.

On a label for DHL, you naturally print different information than on a label for PostNL, DPD, BPost or UPS. Therefore, it is important to figure out what data to print on the label.


What should you look for when buying DHL labels?

If you buy DHL labels, and you want to use them for other carriers as well, it is especially important that the format of the label meets the carrier’s standards. At we always indicate with our labels for which carriers they are suitable. Also, you will always need to make sure that you are using the right settings for the label printer. You can read about the rules that labels must meet on the websites of various mail carriers.

Where to buy DHL Zebra labels?

You can order DHL Zebra labels nowadays at different places easily and quickly. The easiest way is to order these in the webshop of, since you will enjoy the many advantages. We offer different types of DHL Zebra labels in our webshop. These labels are always compatible with Zebra label printers. For convenience, we have listed all printers that are compatible with our labels on the product page. Do you still have doubts? Then of course you can always contact our customer service.