Use DHL labels for PostNL?

Does PostNL also accept DHL Zebra labels?

If you are using DHL Zebra labels, you may be asking yourself if it is also possible to use these labels for PostNL. In most cases, this is possible. Blank DHL Zebra labels can also be used for shipments going through PostNL. However, it is important to comply with PostNL’s rules.

For example, you must ensure that the correct data is printed on the label. It is also important that the format of the label meets the requirements set by PostNL. On the PostNL website you can find more about the requirements, and what the label must meet.

It is also often possible to use DHL zebra labels for other carriers, such as DPD, UPS and BPost.


Are DHL Zebra labels compatible with all label printers?

DHL Zebra labels are compatible with most label printers. It is best to look closely at the format before purchasing the labels. That way you can be sure you’re getting the right labels. If the labels do not conform to the correct format, they will not be usable by your label printer either. So you can’t use them for sending packets either.

Where to buy DHL Zebra labels?

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