What do you use thermal labels for?

The advantages of thermal labels are causing many companies to use this type of label. Here we tell you what you use thermal labels for!

Situations where you use thermal labels!

Thermal labels are used for shipping goods. When goods are shipped, it is important that information about the products can be retrieved quickly. Therefore, companies print the shipping order information on the thermal sticker, which is stuck on the shipment.

For example, the destination address is often printed on the label, and what is included in the shipment is indicated. There are also many companies that put a barcode on the thermal labels. By scanning the barcode, information about the order can be quickly and easily retrieved in an ICT system.

The advantage to thermal labels is that you do not need ink to print on them. The ink is already incorporated into the label, and becomes visible when a label printer projects heat onto the label.

Where do you order thermal labels?

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You can order thermal labels in the webshop of Transportlabels.eu. You pay an economical price and can rest assured that the labels will be delivered at the agreed time and place. During the checkout process, you can specify by whom, where and when you want your thermal labels delivered!