What are thermal labels?

There are many different types of labels. One of the best known and most widely used type is thermal labels. These are especially popular labels in the transportation and logistics industries. But what are thermal labels anyway?

These are thermal labels.

Thermal labels are labels where the ink is inside the labels. A label consists of several layers. One of the layers contains ink, which is not visible at first. Heat can cause the ink in the label to become visible.

No more ink needed.

You don’t need ink when you use thermal labels. This is because the label printer uses heat. De warmte die de printer uitstraalt, zorgt ervoor dat de inkt in de etiketten zichtbaar wordt. Therefore, many companies prefer thermal labels over other labels or tags. It saves a lot of money, and is a lot better for the environment, as there is no need to constantly buy new ink.

thermal labels

Where can you order thermal labels?

There are several places where you can order thermal labels. The easiest way to order thermal labels is through the Internet. At Transportlabels.eu, various types of thermal labels are sold. These labels can be used by Zebra label printers.