What makes thermal labels special?

Thermal labels are widely used, but what makes them special? There are plenty of other types of stickers, labels and tags. We are happy to explain the unique advantages of thermal labels and why they are so special within the logistics and transport world!

The advantages of thermal labels!

Thermal labels are special because you don’t need ink to print them. In fact, the ink is incorporated into the label itself, which consists of several layers. Heat can cause the ink to become visible. Therefore, label printers for thermal labels use lasers to print the labels.

So it’s a lot better for your wallet and the environment to use thermal labels. In addition, the quality of thermal labels is very good, because the ink is in the label, and the different layers ensure that the label is protected from wear and weather conditions.

This is exactly why many companies use thermal labels. The advantages of these labels makes them special compared to other types of labels and stickers. Are you already using thermal labels?

Where do you order thermal labels?

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You can order thermal labels in the webshop of Transportlabels.eu. You pay an economical price and can rest assured that the labels will be delivered at the agreed time and place. During the checkout process, you can specify by whom, where and when you want your thermal labels delivered!