Parcel services Netherlands: which carrier suits you?

In the Netherlands, a lot of buying and selling has already taken place online in recent years. To transport all those orders, there are many different parcel services in the Netherlands.

But what is the best parcel service? In this article we are going to compare different parcel services for you. Read on quickly to find out which parcel services in the Netherlands suit you best.

So in the Netherlands, more and more people are buying online. In fact, it is predicted that by 2023, 44% of spending (by consumers) will be done online.

Carriers are therefore increasingly moving towards faster, more sustainable, better and more reliable delivery. Consumers are also going to demand more and more. So carriers have to go along with this a bit, but it’s not always easy.

Therefore, it is good to know which carrier best suits your customers and your requirements. Below we list a number of pillars for you by major carrier. This way you can see what the best parcel service is for your business!

Shipping with PostNL

PostNL is one of the most well-known delivery companies in the Netherlands. The company has been in the market for over 200 years. Therefore, they are also very convenient and great in letter mail!

Characteristics of PostNL

  • Extra large and heavy packages (up to 23 kg) possible
  • More than 3000 PostNL points throughout the Netherlands
  • 1 attempt for delivery, then the package goes to the nearest PostNL point.
  • 7 days to pick up your package at the PostNL point.
  • Evening and Saturday delivery possible
  • Registered delivery possible
  • Mailbox post including track and trace possible
  • Do you ship a lot of packages? We then recommend becoming a business customer, this way they will pick up the packages from you and you will get a discount the more packages you ship.

Shipping options PostNL

PostNL Standard

With PostNL standard, your package will be delivered to your home or a collection point within 48 hours. This applies to the Netherlands (with the exception of the Wadden Islands).

PostNL Packets

For small packages weighing up to 2 kg, there is PostNL Packets. The value of the package must then be less than 425 euros. Also, the package must fit through the mailbox. You can also choose shipping with or without track and trace here. And with or without a signature.

PostNL Abroad

If you need to send a package abroad use PostNL Abroad. The shipping conditions are the same as PostNL Standard, only here an insurance is added (60% of the value up to 500 euros).

PostNL Global

Does your company operate worldwide and have a shipment that needs to be delivered outside of Europe? Then PostNL Global is a great option! PostNL then works with local carriers in the relevant country. Here you have the same insurance as with PostNL Abroad. Please note that your package may not weigh more than 20 kg!

PostNL rates

The rates below apply to the Netherlands. Wondering what your costs will be if you want to send a package abroad? You can easily calculate that here!

postnl rates

Shipping with DHL

DHL is also a major player in the field of parcel services in the Netherlands. Therefore, we are going to look at the features and different shipping options with rates of this parcel service below.


Characteristics of DHL

  • Large European network
  • DHL operates in 220 countries.
  • DHL appeals to both the consumer and business markets.
  • Good delivery options for the customer by splitting consumer and business network.
  • DHL has almost 3000 points where you can pick up your package
  • DHL will pick up packages from you under the condition that you can give 5 packages at a time and ship a minimum of 100 packages per month.

DHL Shipping Options

DHL Parcel (DHL ForYou)

This is DHL’s default shipping option for when you have a delivery to the consumer. DHL then applies 4 delivery times during the day (depending on the location). Often these times are in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and on Sundays. The consumer cannot choose the delivery time!

If the customer misses the delivery, the shipment will be taken to a DHL point the next day. Or the customer can choose to have the package delivered back to their home or to their neighbors the next day.

There is also an option to have the package insured up to an amount of 500 euros!

DHL Europlus

This is a shipping option specifically aimed at the business market. Therefore, delivery times are only available between 8:00-17:00.

DHL Express

DHL Express has nothing to do with the DHL shipping options above. DHL Express is DHL’s premium shipping option. You can use this option for both international and domestic shipments.

Express deliveries are an addition to your delivery and an extra service you can offer to your customer. You can choose DHL Express Domestic 9:00am, DHL Express Domestic 12:00pm and DHL Express Worldwide.

DHL Globalmail

DHL Globalmail is similar to PostNL Packets. This shipping option is specially made for small packages with a small weight. Also, the package must have a low value. The great thing about DHL Globalmail is that you can put many small packages in one box or shipping bag. It. is thus specially made to send many small packages at once (internationally).

DHL Rates

The rates below apply to the Netherlands. Wondering what your costs will be if you want to send a package abroad? You can easily see that here!

DHL Rates

Shipping with UPS

UPS started as a grocery delivery service in the United States. It is a premium shipping service. UPS is widely used by international companies, so it is perfectly suited to position your business in the international market.


Characteristics of UPS

  • Shipments within the Netherlands are often delivered in one day.
  • Foreign shipments often delivered within 2-3 days.
  • Shipping to pickup points, both international and domestic possible.
  • Saturday delivery possible
  • Next day delivery with UPS Express Saver – even internationally

UPS Shipping Options

UPS Standard

UPS allows you to ship packages within a reasonably quick time, both internationally and nationally. You also get an estimate of when your delivery will be delivered that is day specific. UPS is a very good option if you want to balance speed and price.

UPS Express Saver

This is UPS’s faster global delivery option. With UPS Express Saver, your package will be delivered worldwide within one day.

UPS Rates

If you want to know exactly what you’ll spend to ship your packages with UPS, we recommend calculating that with UPS.

Shipping with DPD

DPD is a carrier known primarily for its efficiency. Within Europe, DPD is one of the largest carriers with the best conditions and best prices.


Characteristics of DPD

  • Free insurance up to 520 euros within Europe.
  • Free Saturday Delivery
  • Delivery to DPD Pickup Parcelshops in the Netherlands and Europe
  • Delivery to the neighbors possible
  • Including signature for receipt
  • Time-specific Express delivery possible.

Shipping options DPD

DPD Home

With DPD Home, you easily ship packages within Europe to any home address or one of nearly 30,000 parcelshops. With the DPD option, you easily ship to 40 countries within Europe.

A short time passes over the shipment as the carrier has a local presence. It takes 1-3 working days on average to deliver within the Benelux. Within the Benelux there are about 1500 parcelshops, so there is always one near you!

DPD Express

When time is very important to you, you can choose the DPD Express delivery. Here you can choose to have your package delivered the next day before 12pm or 6pm. Please note that you have to register the shipment before 10:00 in the morning!

DPD Rates

DPD’s prices vary quite a bit by country and by option. That’s why it’s handy to see DPD’s prices in this easy-to-read table.