Sustainable developments in 2021 for e-commerce and logistics!

Did you know that companies that play along with sustainable developments in 2021achieve more in the long run than competitors that don’t? So it’s not only good for the earth, but also good for your results! Many companies are now responding well to this, which is why it is seen as one of the most important trends in e-commerce. We list all the sustainable developments in 2021 for you!

Before we get further into the sustainable trends of the moment, it is good to understand what sustainability actually is. Sustainability is a term with many different definitions. The main thing about sustainability is making sure future generations can still use our earth. When looking at sustainability, you mainly look at 3 things. Is it financially feasible, is it socially responsible and can you afford it towards the environment (environmentally conscious). Now that you have a better idea of the concept of sustainability, let’s talk about the sustainable developments in 2021.

Trend #1: CO2 measurement and offsetting

The Green Deal in Europe has made it necessary to measure the CO2 content. By measuring it, we can determine our progress in sustainable transportation and green logistics. By measuring exactly how much CO2er is emitted, you can communicate this to your customers. This way you make the customer extra aware and you can, for example, add a CO2 offset in the checkout!

Trend #2: Customers are becoming more involved during sustainability trends

Customers find sustainable transportation and green logistics increasingly important. More and more consumers are also indicating that they take this into account when ordering. Therefore, as discussed in trend 1, customers are becoming more involved in the area of sustainability. For example, you can let the customer know the CO2 emissions of the delivery. It is then up to the customer to respond to this further. It is important then that your e-commerce offers certain options to choose from! Consider, for example, offering certain deliveries that are better for the environment. Or ask for CO2 offsets.

Trend #3: sustainable packaging

In addition to CO2 emissions, this is also a very large factor within the sustainable developments in 2021. A lot of work has already been done in recent years on reusable packaging. In addition to reusable packaging, using less packaging is also becoming increasingly important. This is how you get the air out of packages, as it is a waste to transport. For example, by not using standard size boxes, you can pack your products better, more sustainably and at a lower cost! Therefore, you see shipping boxes being exchanged for shipping bags more and more often.

Choosing to ship products in better-fitting shipping containers is additionally good for customer satisfaction. In fact, over 60% of consumers say they become irritated when they see their order is packed by too much packaging material. Of course, higher customer satisfaction is always a nice bonus. In addition to smarter packaging, it is also important that the packaging itself be sustainable. There are more and more alternatives in this on the market. For example, you can choose packaging made from recycled materials or materials that are biodegradable!

Trend #4: Focus on returns

By placing good images of your products and providing your e-commerce business with a good product description, your returns will decrease. This is not only great for you, but also great for the environment. Of course, you never completely avoid returns. Therefore, it is also good to have a good return policy. This way you can put processing your returns and preventing waste high on the agenda.

Trend #5: More and more deliveries by electric vehicle or bicycle!

Currently, there is a huge investment in the sustainable developments in 2021. Similarly, investments are being made in sustainable means of transportation. It is therefore expected that we will continue to see this trend for some time. Now packages are delivered mainly by bicycle in busy cities. They plan to expand this to the less crowded areas as well over the months and years. For example, the electric truck is on the way, so that sustainable means of transportation can also be used in the countryside.


So start today to make your e-commerce business more sustainable. You can no longer be left behind and it is necessary to keep up or beat the competitors. You can easily capitalize on the above trends and more and more green logistics are emerging.

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