What shipping label do I need for my shipments?

As many as thousands of packages are shipped daily in the Netherlands. And many of those packages come with a shipping label. Shipping labels are just not as easy as they seem (unfortunately!). An error can lead to an expensive joke and a negative customer experience. Don’t want to make mistakes with your shipping label? Then read on quickly, and we’ll help you avoid these costly mistakes. Here we explain exactly which shipping labelyou need for your label printer and packages.

What is a shipping label?

A shipping label is not just a white sticker with an address on it. This is because it is also proof for insurance purposes. Did your package suffer damage during shipping? Then your shipping label serves as proof and is therefore very valuable! In addition, a shipping label also serves as a transportation order. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the right shipping label.

A shipping label consists of the following things:

  • Shipping address
  • The sender’s details
  • A barcode (this can be scanned during the delivery of your package)
  • Delivery address
  • The date
  • The size and weight of the package
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We unfortunately still see some packages shipped with a piece of white paper and duck tape. It may contain much of the above information, but it is not a certainty.

It sometimes happens that the duck tape comes loose or that the piece of paper gets stuck somewhere and comes loose. Then your chosen carrier has lost important information and there is a huge chance that your package will never arrive to your valued customer.

Therefore, we recommend using a shipping label. Not only is it better for the customer experience, but it also exudes professionalism!

Types of shipping labels

Shipping labels come in different shapes and sizes. If you have letterbox mail then often only an address will be printed. DYMO labels are often used for this purpose. These shipping labels often have a size of 28 x 89 mm or 36 x 89 mm.

Do you have larger packages? Then a Zebra label is often used. A zebra label is a thermal label. These shipping labels often have a size of 102 x 150 mm.

Please note: In fact, the size of the label depends on each carrier. DHL has a minimum size for shipping labels of 102 x 210 mm.

What shipping labels do I need?

So which shipping labels you need depends very much on the carrier you use. Do you use DHL? Then it is important that your shipping labels have a minimum size of 102 x 210 mm.

Do you use PostNL, DPD, UPS, GLS or TNT? Then shipping labels with a size of 102 x 150 mm are big enough. We recommend using Zebra Labels!

Do you only use letterbox mail? Then a DYMO shipping label is the best fit. These can be either 28 x 89 mm or 36 x 89 mm in size.

What shipping label do I need for my shipping label printer?

For printing DYMO shipping labels, we recommend the Dymo Labelwriter 450. All DYMO shipping labels can be printed with the Dymo Labelwriter 450 except the DYMO XL labels. These shipping labels are also known as the DYMO S0904980.

Do you know what shipping label you need, and will you be using Zebra labels or ZPL Labels? If so, we recommend that you start using a Zebra printer as well. In this regard, the GK420D is the most popular on the market. This is also our favorite!

This printer is suitable for both 102 x 150 mm and 102 x 210 mm shipping labels.

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I want to buy a shipping label printer: what do I look for?

1. Which carrier will you ship your packages with?

As we mentioned several times above, it is incredibly important to determine which carrier you will ship your packages with. This is how you know the size of your shipping label.

Of course, it is very important that your new shipping label printer is suitable for your shipping label size. Also, some shipping companies work with a software that is only suitable for certain printers. So ask your carrier!

2. How many packages do you plan to send?

It is important to carefully consider in advance how many packages you will be sending. In fact, there are plenty of shipping label printers on the market that can perform certain operations faster. This is useful for intensive use.

3. What functions do you find necessary?

It is good to think about what you will use your shipping label printer for. This is because you can make certain features a requirement. For example, that you can control the printer from different computers. Or a peeler, so that the label is already separated from the backing paper!

Some more helpful tips to avoid mistakes!

  • Compare different transportation services in advance. Look at options, costs and conditions. Once you’ve chosen your carrier, you start looking for shipping labels and printers!
  • Avoid extra shipping costs by adhering to the requirements set (think weight, size, etc.)
  • Check your layout of your shipping label before printing. Is everything sharp and clear?
  • Do not stick anything on or over your shipping label. This prevents problems with scanning the barcode! This barcode has important information.
  • And of course, never pay too much for your shipping labels! At transportlabels.eu, we provide excellent quality at a very competitive price! Order your shipping labels now at a low price in our shop!
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