Why choose thermal labels? 2 reasons!

Do you know what thermal labels are? And why do you choose thermal labels? More and more companies are using thermal labels for their label printers. We understand that you are wondering what is special about thermal labels and why you would choose them.

What are thermal labels?

Thermal labels are different from normal labels and tags. This is because the printer does not use ink to print on these labels. The top coating layer of thermal labels contains a dye that becomes visible through heat. In this case, the printer uses a laser to create this heat.

The advantage of thermal labels is that you do not have to buy ink to print these labels. Therefore, it costs a lot less money to use these labels. One drawback is that it is not possible to print colors on thermal paper.

How can you print thermal labels?

You can print on thermal labels only with special printers. These printers are also called Direct Thermal LabelWriters. There are several printers for thermal labels on the market. The most popular printers are:

  • Brother P-touch QL-570
  • Zebra GK420d (Ethernet)
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo

2 kinds of thermal paper

There are two different types of thermal paper: Thermal Eco and Thermal Top. We understand that you are asking yourself what the difference is and which one is best for you. Based on the properties, you can judge for yourself which type fits best within your usage situation.

Thermal Eco

Thermal Eco is mainly used for the short term when the labels are used in a dry and clean environment. This is because this paper has no additional protective layer against moisture, fats, alcohol and uv light. Also, labels made of Thermal Eco paper have a shelf life of 1 year, provided they are stored in a dry and dark environment with a constant temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius.

This paper is recyclable and available with (extra) permanent, removable and freezer adhesive.

Thermal Top

Because Thermal Top paper has an extra layer of protection against alcohol, grease, uv light and moisture, it is often used for long-term use in situations where extended label readability is required. Consider, for example, products that are stored outside. Or in the festival world.

These labels are also recyclable and have a shelf life of 1 year, provided they are stored in a dark environment with a temperature between 20-22 degrees Celsius. They are available with (extra) permanent, removable and freezer adhesive.

Why choose thermal labels?

So, why do you choose thermal labels? When you want to use labels that are durable, you can go for thermal labels. In fact, you don’t need ink to print on thermal labels. This eliminates the need to order ink, so nothing needs to be transported. But it also requires less ink to be made in the factories.

This also ensures that it can be financially advantageous to choose thermal labels. After all, you no longer pay for the ink. These are costs that can normally be high.

Buy thermal labels?

You now know where you would choose thermal labels for. Do you want to start using thermal labels? Then you need a label printer that can print thermal labels. Here you can see which label printers support thermal labels. Next, when you start looking for thermal labels, you can buy them at Transportlabels.eu.

In fact, we sell different types of thermal labels for Zebra label printers. In our webshop you can quickly order thermal labels. This is because we have kept the ordering process as simple as possible. After you place your order, we make every effort to have your thermal labels delivered to your location as quickly as possible.